When Google came out with the Glass Explorer Edition, it set the entire industry in action. Unbelievable progress followed. Innovative organisations took fabulous leaps to show what’s possible. Repeatable applications joined not only the place for assisted reality in the company but that real financial value could be demonstrated today and span vastly across an organisation.

With the Coca-Cola Company launching “wild wearables west,” how it has developed and why machine learning offers the next technological step in the progression of AR to the masses.

We are a group of AR enthusiasts who believe in the future of Augmented Reality. We feel that AR will be a game changer in education, training, gaming and the way we look at our devices today.
It is our wish to keep everyone updated on everything happening in Augmented Reality. It will be our endeavour to do a good research and provide accurate information to the best of our knowledge.
We welcome comments and advise form all of you to keep ourselves on the toes and up to date with information.

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