Augmented reality in books

The augmented reality blend into the traditional text by introducing videos, games, stories in interaction with the text.
There are various books that are already on the market, but we will only name the ones that capture our attention:
1. Jack Hunter: The French Connection
The book comes in hardback, paperback or digital format and integrates features from the augmented reality such as images, videos and even games which allows the children to enter into the virtual world of Jack Hunter by finding clues and find coins which will help them resolve puzzles. This book is focusing on adventure, treasure hunting and derring-do.
2. Animal Kingdom Education Book
The educational book is bringing the children into a world of animals. Looks like a normal encyclopedia, but when the kids are using their smartphones, the book comes to life and animals from inside the book can be manipulated by the little explorers.
3. Color Alive Series – Augmented Reality Coloring Books
What appears a normal colouring book, is actually a reality that brings to life the characters drawn by the kids. When the colouring is complete, children can use a free augmented reality app to generate a 3D model of their drawing, shaded in every way like their coloured picture on the page, which they can interact with and move in on the screen.


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