Augmented reality in finance sector

Augmented reality has already gained popularity in the banking sector. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Halifax in the UK offer apps which enable users to find homes as they pass near selling houses. Misys, a financial software vendor has developed a concept augmented reality which gives personal financial management app. Another bank, Privatbank from Ukraine produced an interesting demonstration of concept which showed how AR banking could seamlessly blend into a client’s everyday life. In developing businesses, banks like the National Bank of Oman use augmented reality to permit clients to locate their nearest office or ATM as well as locate proposals and sales when stepping into a shopping mall or down the street anywhere in Oman.
With the constant increase in mobile banking apps and the initiation of digital-only banks, there are more and more questions about the future role of branches. Clients who can’t go to a bench will be able to meet the bank officers from the comfort of their homes through the realistic person-to-person new feature of augmented reality.
The behaviour of the customers has changed to a more technological approach. Augmented reality can be the next step in technology with the use of AR glasses.


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