An AR scenario for manufacturing

To agree that augmented reality can be used in manufacturing, contemplate at the situation where a mechanic is fixing a transmission in a new car.
The repairman is at the company’s factory in Birmingham, and he is using AR technology (especially “see what I see” video conferencing) to communicate with an automotive engineer in London (who worked on the original manufacturer of the transmission before it was sent to Birmingham for assembly). The engineer can use smart glasses and to electronically “circle” a part that needs attention.
The engineer in London can provide more detail guidance to the mechanic in Birmingham, getting him to look more closely at various aspects of the part that he is working on – and provide real-time feedback to the mechanic on the next steps that he needs to take.
Together they can work remotely, and they will bring savings for the company in different areas.

see what i see augmented reality klaspad augmented builds

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