Top three best AR free applications

Pokémon GO (free)


Niantic’s Pokémon Go, a game that has instantly gained everyone’s attentiveness and given them a motivation to go out into the world, walk around, and catch Pokémon. The game utilizes GPS to identify your position and move your in-game avatar, while your smartphone camera is used to show Pokémon in the real world. There aren’t a lot of guidance when you first start, or knowledge regarding game mechanics like the coloured rings around wild Pokémon, but thanks to the nature of the internet, figuring out what to do isn’t that tough.

Download now for:

Android iOS

Ink Hunter (free)


Ink Hunter is the app you should use when choosing on a tattoo and where to ink it. The app lets you try out pre-made tattoos, as well as your own designs, and they can be oriented in whatever position you like and placed on any part of the body.

Download now for:

Android iOS

WallaMe (free)


WallaMe lets you leave hidden messages in different locations that can only be seen by other persons utilizing the WallaMe app. When using the app, you can take a picture of a nearby wall, street, or sign, then use the in-app drawing and painting tools to create your own special messages. You can also attach pictures to the areas you’ve chosen if only to prove you were actually there. The augmented reality really comes into play when you’re in a location that has a hidden message, but it can only be found by using WallaMe and your device’s camera. Messages can be made private, too, so that only friends using the app can see them, or they can be made public for everyone to discover.

Download now for:

Android iOS


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