Lifeprint : Portable Photo Printer With Augmented Reality And Social Networking

Lifeprint Covers a Lot of Ground

When you first look at the Lifeprint, you see a small transportable instant printer. It’s smaller than a phone, runs a rechargeable battery power, and you can print via Bluetooth on ZINK (zero-ink) photos.

It’s not only a photo printer, it can also be used as a social network. People can share their images with others and they all have the choice to print the photo.

In the box: Lifeprint printer, 10-pack of paper, USB cable

The photos are connected with videos from Snapchat or from the app, and you can create a little-augmented reality tool. They call them Hyperphotos.

Setup and Use

The hardware end of the Lifeprint setup is a breeze. The printer needs to be plugged into a USB charger (a cable is included, but not the charger). Once the red LED turns to green, it’s good to go. Slide the top off, drop in a stack of ZINK cards (a 10-pack is included), replace the top, power it up and connect the printer via Bluetooth to your smartphone. No ink cartridges and no drivers to deal with.

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